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Invisible Height Increase Insole, Wearable Heel Cushion Inserts Shoe Soft Silicone Heel Lift Insole Leg Lengthen for Men and Women


  • Invisible Design: After wearing, put on socks, no one will find that you wear hight increase insoles, no one will notice your shoes, very natural. Lengthen 3.5 cm for your legs.
  • Washable Repeatedly: Support hand washing, dry naturally in the air, can be reused, will not be deformed.Soft silicone material that protects the heel and provides good shock absorption.
  • Suitable for Most Shoes: High sleeve shoe, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes. Low-top shoes or shoes no need to wear socks are not suitable for the Heel Cushion Inserts . For adults only.
  • No one will know the secret of your height, suitable for meetings, appointments, weddings, special events.
  • Satisfaction Customer Service: If have any pre-sales and after-sales problems, please feel free to contact us.Customer service support within 24 h.

Height Increase Insole

  • Without sacrificing comfort or elegance, the Invisible Height Increase Insole is a discrete shoe insert that increases height.
  • These insoles, which are made of comfortable and long-lasting materials, blend in perfectly with most styles of shoes and are hardly noticeable.
  • These insoles are a simple and practical option whether you wish to increase your height by a few inches or just enhance your posture.
  • They are ideal for all-day wear since they are lightweight, flexible, and offer superior arch support.
  • The heel cups for heel pain will prevent the development of heel disease and provide feet comfort. Just slip on your heel Insole, and say goodbye to heel pain!
  • Return to active life
  • Daily Use – You can comfortably pair with sneakers, leather shoes, boots, heels or barefoot.
  • Fit for all outdoor activities and sports – You can wear them for various activities and outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking, running, shopping, traveling.
Height Increase Height Increase Insole Height Increase Insole Height Increase Insole
  • Infused with vitamins and release mineral oil to moisturize your dry hard cracked skin.
  • Our Heel cups provide foot protection, reduces friction and shock absorption.
  • Whether you go to work, Running, Dancing or hiking trip – our pads will be there to support your forefoot.
  • Simply slip on our height increasing socks, wear your socks & shoes as per usual – EASY TO USE!
Height Increase Insol Height Increase Height Increase Insol Height Increase

More Thicker, Durable Made

  • The elastic & yielding material fits snugly on feet of all sizes.
  • Soft socks cushion the heel & provide comfort all day long!

Super Soft and Strethy

  • Soft silicone is squishy and moisturized that helps to heal dry and cracked heels, soften calluses and blister.

Washable and Reusable

  • It can be reused and easy to clean with water or soap.
  • If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can put any baby powder or talcum powder.

Best for Barefoot Using

  • Provided soft cushioning while standing or walking. The gel silicone support shock absorbing protection for your heel.

Height Increase

Why you need our heel protectors ?

1.Our heel protectors effectively absorb the shock of every step and support the heel, relieve painful pressure points and cushion tension and stress in the heel.

2.These heel pads feel like a second soft skin that natural fit to your heels. Provides your heel long lasting comfort and makes walking, running or standing through out the day much easier.

3.Our heel cushion are specially designed with breathable holes for you to provide extra ventilation, keeping your skin breathes freely, you can’t even feel its presence when you put it on.

4.If you suffer from Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, Bone Spurs, Stress Fractures, Sprained Foot and Cracked Heel, our silicone heel pads is an effective relief solution for non-surgical recovery!

Height Increase

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis Pain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Cracked Heel
  • Achilles
  • Our premium stretchy heel protector is made of soft silicone, effectively relieving heel pain and pressure on the heel.


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